Start building your own My TESCO Store with the Hypermarket Set and collect all mini sets from 17 Aug - 22 Nov 2017.

How to Collect

Follow these simple steps to complete your collections. Get extra stickers when you purchase our sponsors products! Check out our sponsors product lists.

  • Spend

    RM30 = 1 x Sticker
    1 Sponsor product = 1 x Sticker

  • Collect

    12 x Sticker

    Collect 12 Stickers to redeem a Mini set.

  • Purchase

    Set Mini RM5

    Purchase a Mini set with 12 stickers + RM5. *While stock last.

Fast Track Your Collection

You can get extra stickers with our participating brands! Remember to pick those up.


Limited edition and exclusive collectibles to build your very own My TESCO Store.